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Own your development!

You have something peculiar, a unique personality that sets you apart from the others. You have developed capabilities, a set of skills that can make the good become great. You have a certain goal, a dream you are chasing that has meaning. Start acting like it! During our childhood, our parents help us by showing "the correct path" to walk on, but, as we grow up, we are able to give more meaning to this corresponding to our own perception and interpretation. The core parameters have been installed and what you do with it is all up to you. This realization - you have the keys of your own development - can be frightening at first. Don't worry though, you are not on your own; there are plenty of possibilities with others others to help understand what is necessary to develop to where you want to go - discussions with peers, mentoring sessions with superiors.

A dream is an abstract concept, as such you'd want to stand still on how this can be translated into something more concrete. At every stage, dissect this dream into a meaningful deliverable. Dare to think to yourself: "What skills am I currently missing to truly have success in this moment that can bring me closer to my dream". Of course you are not alone, thus your actions will ripple and affect others. A judgement will always be readily passed on to you based on the impressions made. This is where a pitfall inherently lies - you may feel the urge to focus on the impression you leave behind, rather than focusing on the action you want to achieve that brings you closer to your dream... Actively stop yourself from going this downward spiral - doing things to just leave a good impression will not bring you where you want to be in the end - by asking yourself at each checkpoint "why" (and "for whom"). However, you can learn from the judgements made by others - ask their feedback on the activities performed, tell them what you wanted to accomplish, find the gaps between both and close it.

As my first full year at AB InBev is flying by I am actually being confronted by these type of development challenges on a daily basis. That's also what I like about our very specific company culture, which is very straightforward on this topic "we are a company of owners". Not only does this mean that there is a great focus on the results of the operations, there is also substantial attention on growth and development. In this context, recently, I have completed my competency appraisal - basically a matrix designed to test your performance with respect to specific capabilities. Based on the feeback session with my line managers, I am working to create a development plan that can close the gaps encountered in the most effective manner. It is only during this time that I have truly come to the realization the importance of all the previous 121's. During these sessions, hints were already given about personal strengths and weaknesses but with less concrete actions to follow up on progress sustainably. The set up of this development plan will definitely help me to overcome this hurdle, it provides the roadmap of what needs to be covered in the upcoming period to get to my next envisioned step and to keep growing. Now, I am looking forward to discuss this development plan more in depth and test it with my supervisors to get their feedback so we can work on it together.

Being part of AB InBev is enabling me to pursue my dream. It is up to me to translate my envisioned development path as clear as possible so that I do not get side-tracked.

Grow your personality enabling the use of your skills to achieve your dream.

Cedric Plettinx, Transport and Inventory Deployment Team Lead

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